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Weddings and Events

Helping to establish the perfect atmosphere at your special day

Live music at your special wedding or event helps to set a celebratory ambience throughout any part of day, whether that be during the ceremony, wedding breakfast, first dance or even evening entertainment.

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Standard Packages Price List

This is our generic price list to help provide you with some indication of what budget you may wish to allocate. Whilst we appreciate your event will be unique, we know that it is sometimes easier to provide this as a starting point for us to continue discussions on your bespoke and specific arrangements for your music entertainment needs.

All prices listed includes a 1 hour travel allowance (or 50 miles from West London) and us using our own music amplification equipment and insurances. Additional travel changes may be applied.

£ 1000


3 hours of live music,
£250 deposit on booking with completion two weeks prior to event.

£ 850


2 hours of live music,
£ 200 deposit on booking with completion two weeks prior to event.

£ 650


1 hour of live music,
£ 100 deposit on booking, completion within two weeks prior to event.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss more specific arrangements beyond these generic package deals.

Prices are applicable for bookings made and confirmed before 2024.

Weddings: Price List


To help you plan and work with musicians for your wedding, we've put together this handy reference list.


  • Do you want a completely live act to perform at your wedding?

  • Which part of the day do you want them to perform?

  • What kind of ambience do you want them to set, low key or energetic?

  • Will the musicians have to change location at any time during the day?

  • What is the available budget for music entertainment?



  • Do they have experiences of performing at weddings and working with other vendors?

  • Do they have their own PA equipment and are able to play at the required volume?

  • Are they able to provide the right kind of ambience?

  • Do they have a wide selection of songs to select from?

  • Are they flexible with their set and able to learn any special song requests?

  • Are they able to perform within the budget?

  • Are they available on that date and able to travel to the venue?



  • Are they willing to have participate in online video calls to go through details and preparations?


Venue and Musician Needs

  • How much space at the venue will there be available to place the musicians?

  • Will there be a electric power socket available nearby?

  • Does the venue require the purchase of additional or special licences for performances?

  • Will there be car parking nearby to the place of performance?


Essential Musician Administration

  • Do they have public liability insurance?

  • Is their equipment PAT tested or fit for purpose and safe to use?

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