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Behind the scenes with Faye and Matt: Preparing for your special day

If you’ve been planning your wedding, by now you’ll know there is so much more to it than simply picking a venue, turning up and having your wedding. Everything requires meticulous detail and creating the perfect musical experience for your wedding day is no exception, involving careful planning and preparation. This aspect of management is another activity we as Faye and Matt, aim to make as easy and smooth as possible. With our meticulous approach we ensure every performance is seamless and memorable so that we can focus on what counts, your wedding (and Matt just happens to be our resident Lean business process guru which comes in handy for this sort of thing).

Our goal is to create unforgettable moments through our music and we know from experience understanding and capture all aspects and details is vital. Whether it’s the emotional impact of a perfectly timed song during the ceremony or the high-energy tunes that get everyone dancing at the reception, we strive to make your wedding day truly special. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we prepare for your special day.

Initial consultation

Our process begins with an initial consultation where we get to know you and your vision for your wedding day. This is arranged as either a group video conference Zoom meeting, Google Meet or telephone call. During this meeting, we discuss your musical preferences, any special requests, and the key moments throughout the day that require specific songs. This helps us tailor our performance to your unique style and needs which we capture for our own records and continued assessment and planning.


Once the primary details are been declared, we issue you our standard contract which outlines the terms and conditions for both parties. The deposit is required upon the signing of contract and this is where our booking is confirmed.

Creating a custom set list

Based on our consultation, we create a custom set list that reflects your tastes and the atmosphere you want to create. We incorporate your favourite songs and any special requests, ensuring that each piece fits perfectly into the flow of the day. Our extensive repertoire allows us to offer a wide range of genres and styles, providing something for everyone.

Rehearsal and preparation

Once the set list is finalised, we move into the rehearsal phase, especially targeting any unique requests and new songs to learn.

  • Song Arrangements: For new songs, we create our own unique arrangement emphasising our acoustic style while maintaining the essence of the original tracks. This involves adjusting tempos, creating harmonies, adapting to a single guitar and vocal, ensuring each piece flows seamlessly. We aim to do this early in the process in order to determine suitability in the acoustic duo format and be able to report back to you if required.

  • Planning physical transitions: Smooth transitions between locations and songs are crucial for maintaining the flow of the event. If we know we are required to physical change performing locations, we detail the transitions and plan these to ensure there are no awkward disruptions to you and your guests during the day.

  • Sound check and equipment testing: We test all our equipment and cables to ensure everything is in perfect working order. This includes our sound system, instruments, and any additional gear we might need for your venue.

  • Appropriate dress: We check our attire is immaculate and ready for the day.

Venue coordination

Coordinating with you and your venue is a key part of our preparation. It is important we gather essential location information to assess needs for our equipment and any transitions. We work closely with the venue staff to understand any specific requirements or restrictions. This might include:

  • Sound Limitations: Ensuring our performance adheres to any sound restrictions set by the venue.

  • Setup and space requirements: Planning the best setup for our equipment and making sure we have enough space to perform comfortably.

  • Logistics and timing: Confirming car parking, our arrival time for setup and sound check, as well as the timing for each part of the performance.

  • Insurances and PAT certificates: Ensuring we hold the required up-to-date performing liability insurance and equipment Portable Appliance Test (PAT) documents required by the venue.

Pre-wedding-day meeting

One month before the wedding day, we will hold one more meeting to confirm all details and manage with any changes required. Once all cleared final payment will be required.

Wedding day performance

On the day of your wedding, we arrive early to set up and conduct a final sound check. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professionalism and Punctuality: We arrive on time and fully prepared, ensuring everything is ready well before your guests arrive.

  • Adaptability: We are ready to adapt to any last-minute changes or requests, maintaining a flexible and positive attitude.

  • Engagement with guests: Throughout the performance, we engage with your guests, reading the room and adjusting our set list to keep the energy perfect.


From the initial consultation to the final note, we work tirelessly to create a seamless and memorable experience for you and your guests. So whilst we are musicians, even as live acoustic duo Faye and Matt, we take the planning and management of all aspects seriously. Our dedication to preparation and attention to detail helps ensure that your wedding atmosphere through live acoustic music is nothing short of perfect.

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