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Risks of dealing with live musicians – things to watch out for

Hiring live musicians for your wedding can greatly enhance the atmosphere and create memorable moments. However, there are several potential challenges to be aware of. Here’s a list of common issues and how Faye and Matt ensure a smooth, stress-free experience for your special day.

Lack of experience with weddings: Not all musicians have experience with the specific dynamics of weddings, being flexible and able to adapt, which can lead to timing issues, and impersonal or inappropriate song choices.

Having performed together for over ten years, we have extensive experience performing at weddings, understanding the flow and unique demands of the day, tailoring live acoustic performances to fit each moment perfectly.

Do not own equipment or have sound and equipment issues: Some musicians rely on venues to have equipment in order to perform, and those that do have their own gear, may neglect to maintain or check it prior to a wedding. Faults which could have been easily identified and avoided in poor sound quality or malfunctioning equipment can disrupt the wedding.

As a professional performing duo, we provide our own professional sound equipment and conduct thorough sound checks to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our setup is reliable and suited to various venue types, fully insured and check professionally each year by a quality UK certified electrician for Portable Appliance Tests (PAT).

Unable to cater to venue requirements: Some venues have specific sound restrictions or space limitations that can affect the performance.

Being a modest live acoustic duo, we are able to perform at both soft and reasonable high volumes within safety limits of venues and the human ear. Having performed in many venues we are familiar with a wide range of venue requirements and tend to coordinate with the venue in advance to comply with any restrictions, optimise our setup for the best performance and manage any exchange of documentation.

Inconsistent performance with large gaps in between songs: Inconsistent music during breaks can create awkward silences during a set.

Whilst we plan our sets, as we do read the room to be able to adapt on-the-fly, we have experience of ensuring there is still a form of instrumental music in between songs within our sets so that the atmosphere we created can be maintained for the contracted duration.

Inflexibility with song requests: Musicians who are inflexible with song choices can disappoint couples who have specific requests and only able to performed songs within their existing library. Sometimes they may actually their own agenda and are only interested in performing what they want, even intending to take the spotlight and be the main event at your own wedding.

As a live acoustic duo, we are highly adaptable and open to learning up to three new songs upon request outside of our published collection, ensuring that your favourite tracks can be part of your special day. And it is your special day, as perform as Faye and Matt live acoustic duo to compliment and establish the perfect ambience with style for you, not to use your wedding as our personal launchpad. 

Unable to self-managing travelling arrangements: Coordinating logistics like travel, accommodation, and setup times can be complex.

We handle all logistical details professionally, arriving early to set up and conducting all necessary preparations to ensure a hassle-free experience. We also plan our bookings to ensure we are not strained in our resources and travel plans.

Lack of foresight to establish emergency contingencies: Fact of life there may always be unexpected events, unexpected emergencies, such as illness or equipment failure, which derail the event. Trust us on this one, we once got stuck on the M3 motorway just 2 miles away from our venue due to an EV car which caught fire in the middle of winter. We were travelling 4 hours early to set up, but unfortunately we stuck there for 6 hours whilst fire safety and traffic control contained the fire and cleared the road.

As part of our standard operating procedure, we always determine contingency plans in place for emergencies, including backup equipment and arrangements with other trusted musicians or the venue to step in if necessary. In the case of the above road closure, we arranged for the venue to use their located music system to cover us until our arrival.

Poor communication: Despite today’s social media technology world, poor communication is easy to establish which can lead to misunderstandings and unmet expectations. The last thing you would need is to engage with a service who doesn’t respond back to you or give you indications they will deliver what you want, a wedding is such a vast undertaking so why risk the stress of it.

From our years together as a live acoustic duo, we’ve come to conclude nothing beats the classic human touch. We prioritise clear and consistent communication, working closely with you to understand your vision and keep you informed throughout the planning process through a series of video conference (Zoom) calls, phone calls and emails.

Poor timing and coordination: Mismanagement of timing can disrupt the flow of the wedding, another thing you definitely do not want to worry about.

From our meetings, we capture as much details of the day timelines and coordinate closely with yourselves or wedding planner to ensure seamless transitions between different parts of the day. Depending on the complexity of the venue and when you want live music, we will highlight options for equipment transitions and determine the best way to minimise disruption and help ensure the wedding operations from yours and your guests perspective are immaculate. 

Failure to engage with the audience: Some musicians may struggle to engage the audience or adapt to the crowd’s energy.

With our experience and ability to read the room, we constantly tailor our performance to keep the energy lively and the audience engaged, adjusting our set list in real-time based on the crowd’s response.


A wedding is a vast event with so many moving parts and the worse nightmare you could have is deciding to engage with musicians who end up being unprofessional, inflexible or worse yet, ambitious acts intending to take the spotlight away from you and your special day. By being aware of these common challenges and choosing experienced, adaptable musicians like us, you can ensure a smooth and memorable musical experience with you at the centre of your wedding.

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