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Personalising your wedding music: How Faye and Matt create a unique soundtrack for your day

Every couple has a unique story, and your wedding day is the perfect time to celebrate it. As live acoustic duo Faye and Matt, we believe that your wedding music should be as unique as your love story. We work closely with you to create a personalised soundtrack that reflects your journey together. Here’s how we make your wedding music special.

Understanding your vision

The first step in personalising your wedding music is understanding your vision and the direction you plan to take with your wedding day. We take the time to get to know you as a couple, learning about your favourite songs, genres, and any special musical preferences. Whether you have a specific playlist in mind or need guidance on song selection from our vast collection of songs, we’re here to help.

Creating a custom set list

Once we understand your vision, we curate a custom set list tailored to your tastes and the different parts of your wedding day. From the ceremony to the cocktail reception, and from wedding breakfast to the dance floor, we ensure that each moment is accompanied by the perfect music. We can include your favourite songs, meaningful tracks that tell your story, and even unique renditions that add a personal touch.

Special song requests

One of the highlights of our service is our ability to accommodate special song requests outside of our standard collection of songs. Whether it’s a beloved tune that holds sentimental value or a specific song for your first dance, we’re committed to making it happen. We can also learn up to three new songs upon request, ensuring that your special moments are set to the music that means the most to you.

Incorporating unique elements

To further personalise your wedding music, we can incorporate unique elements that reflect your cultural background or personal style. This might include traditional songs, modern twists on classic tunes, or even mashups that blend different genres. Our goal is to create a musical experience that is truly one-of-a-kind through our unique hybrid music style.

Tips for couples

  1. Share your story: The more we know about your journey together, the better we can tailor the music to reflect it and offer recommendations.

  2. Be open to ideas: We have a wealth of experience and can suggest songs or styles that you might not have considered but that fit perfectly with your vision.

  3. Communicate clearly: Let us know about any specific requests or must-have songs early on, so we have time to prepare and most important, advise you on alterations and changes needed for a single acoustic guitar and vocal arrangement.


At live musicians, personalising your wedding music is all about capturing the essence of your unique love story and why you would want to engage with real musicians in the first place. By creating a custom set list, accommodating special requests, and incorporating unique elements, we ensure that your wedding day soundtrack is as special as your relationship.

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