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Reading the room: How Faye and Matt tailors each performances to create the perfect wedding atmosphere

Your wedding day is filled with beautiful, unique moments, each requiring its own special ambience. As live acoustic duo Faye and Matt, we believe in the power of live music to enhance these moments. One of our strengths (or rather Faye’s strength) is reading the room and adjusting our performance (i.e. directing Matt) to match the mood and atmosphere.

Our ability to tailor our performance to the mood helps create unforgettable moments as we can purposely adapt a song to fit timing of key events. Imagine a well-timed song playing just as you share your first dance or an upbeat tune that gets everyone moving when the dance floor opens. These moments become cherished memories, and we’re dedicated to making them happen. Here's how we do it and why it matters.

Understanding your guests

Every wedding has its own unique set of guests so the dynamics and energies will vary throughout the day. Faye has a unique talent for sensing the mood of the crowd and selecting songs that fit perfectly. Whether your guests are enjoying a quiet conversation during dinner or are ready to dance the night away, we adapt our music to keep the atmosphere just right.

Adapting to different moments

The flow of a wedding day shifts repeatedly from the intimate moments of the ceremony to the lively celebration of the reception. During the ceremony, we perform gentle, emotive pieces that underscore the significance of your vows. For the cocktail and drinks reception, we choose light and upbeat songs that create a cheerful, relaxed mood (though have also been known to go up a few notches if planned and requested). As the night progresses, we bring out high-energy hits that get everyone on the dance floor.

Flexibility and personalisation

From our preparation meetings with you, we come prepared with a diverse repertoire in a general list of songs to play, allowing us to be flexible and responsive. If a particular song isn’t resonating with your guests, we can seamlessly transition to something more fitting. This adaptability ensures that the music always feels right, enhancing the overall experience.

Tips for couples

  1. Communicate your preferences early: Share your favourite songs and the kind of atmosphere you want for each part of your day as early as possible to help we musicians prepare in advance.

  2. Trust our expertise: With years of experience, we know how to read the room and adjust our performance to keep the energy perfect. If a set-list and timings are too tightly controlled, we may lose the ability to adapt on-the-fly at your wedding.

  3. Be open to adjustments: Flexibility in your playlist can help us better match the music to the mood, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, as a live acoustic duo there will be certain musical limitations if converting a full studio production song with lots of instruments to a humble acoustic guitar and vocal arrangement.


As a live acoustic duo, our goal is to enhance your wedding day with music that perfectly fits each moment. By reading the room and adjusting our performance, we can create that beautiful, memorable atmosphere without taking the spotlight. If you’d like to learn more about how we can make your special day even more magical, feel free to reach out.

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