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The role of live music and musicians in different parts of your wedding day

Your wedding day is a series of special moments, each with its own unique atmosphere and significance. Live music can enhance these moments, creating a beautiful and cohesive experience from start to finish. As live acoustic duo Faye and Matt, we understand the importance of tailoring music to fit each part of your day perfectly. Here’s how live music can elevate different moments of your wedding.

Setting the tone for the ceremony

The ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, filled with emotion and significance and is the official milestone and start of your wedding day.

Have you ever visited which was quiet and lacking in any kind of atmosphere yet full of people? Certainly the anticipation as all eyes eagerly await the arrival of the bride can create a kind of tension and itchiness for something to be going on which is not desirable. This is where appropriate live music such as our acoustic music can set the perfect tone, creating a serene and heartfelt atmosphere. Live music provides a much more personal and intimate atmosphere whilst also providing the other advantage of signalling to everybody of the arrival and start of the ceremony.

Enhancing the cocktail reception and wedding breakfast

Straight after the ceremony and group photograph, the cocktail reception and wedding breakfast are times for guests to mingle and enjoy refreshments. Once again, a silent setting relies on the general conversations to create the atmosphere and would be too close to any other typical day. Music in general lifts this and whilst there is the option for pre-recorded tracks, live music adds a sophisticated and enjoyable touch to this part of the day to make this part of the wedding also special - after all, everybody is there to celebrate your wedding with you, this is not just any typical day.

Elevating the first dance and evening

Finally, live music with live musicians provide a sense of energy which you and your guests will pick up on, adding to the enjoyment of the day. The first dance and evening tend to pick up and live musicians are able to change playing styles to align with this change for the final segment of the day’s celebrations. 

Creating seamless transitions

Speaking of transitions and changes, one of the benefits of live music is the ability to create seamless transitions between different parts of the day, helping to take away some of the attention from some of the operational aspects involved with running a wedding event. Such operating activities includes the changeover of rooms for use at difference segments throughout the wedding, or the fact as newly-weds you’re most likely want to separate from the guests during the reception to have your private wedding photographs taken. With live musicians with performance equipment, you may even have access to make any planned or unplanned announcements to guide the guests on the arrangements of the day. So live music once again can help create the sense of continuity during these moments for a smooth flowing day.


Live music can elevate every part of your wedding day, creating a cohesive and memorable experience. At Faye and Matt, we are dedicated to providing a personalised and dynamic performance that enhances each special moment. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your wedding day unforgettable with our live acoustic duo.

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