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Why live music is essential for your cocktail and drinks reception

Your drinks reception is the time to celebrate, bringing together friends and family to enjoy your special day. Immediately following your ceremony, the choice of music can significantly impact the atmosphere and energy of your reception. Here’s why we believe live music is essential for creating an unforgettable wedding reception and a better option to silence or using pre-recorded tracks.

Creating a dynamic atmosphere and guest engagement

Live music is all about “Live Energy”, bringing a unique energy, bespoke and one-off vibrancy that recorded tracks can't match. 

Musicians interact with the audience, adapting their performance to the mood and enhancing the overall ambiance. This dynamic interaction keeps guests engaged and creates a lively atmosphere that evolves them with the event, making them participants and not just spectators.

Unlike pre-recorded music, live musicians can “adapt in real-time”, adjusting set-lists on the fly, responding to the guest’s energy. Whether it’s repeating song sections for a planned moment, slowing down a song for a romantic moment or ramping up the tempo to get everyone dancing, live performances provide the flexibility to match the flow of the reception. This is something Faye pays particular attention to when we perform at a wedding, always checking that couple and guests are enjoying the moment, and that our timing aligns with any planned events.

Live musicians can also adjust the sound and volume to suit the venue and the moment, ensuring that the music is always at the right level maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.

Personal touch and unique experience

Live musicians such as ourselves perform renditions of your selected songs in their own style, adding a unique touch to your wedding. This customisation makes the music feel more intimate and special, creating moments that resonate with you and your guests.

This is particularly advantageous for planned memorable interactions. The presence of live musicians allows for memorable interactions, such as dedicating songs to specific guests or creating spontaneous musical moments. These interactions add to the joy and excitement of the reception, making it more memorable for everyone involved, especially if they were arranged by family and friends of the wedding couple without their knowledge.

Special attention can also be applied to first dances where even more emotional impact is required, using the musicians’ ability to emphasise key parts of the song to enhance the emotional connection and create a memorable experience.


Live music brings a dynamic, personalised, and engaging element with the human touch to your wedding cocktail and drinks reception that recorded tracks, or performers using backing tracks simply can’t match.

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